On this episode of Up Close, we hear directly from a woman “chained” in her marriage and whose husband is now marrying someone else. Lonna Kin has been trying for ten years to get a Jewish divorce, or get, from her now-ex-husband. She separated from her husband, (Israel) Meir Kin, in January 2005, and their civil divorce was finalized in May 2007. Yet Meir Kin has yet to give her the Jewish divorce document that would free her from her Jewish marriage and allow her to perhaps remarry and move on with her life — even though as this interview airs he is scheduled to marry another woman. Lonna is known as an agunah, or “chained woman,” stuck in her Jewish marriage. She shares her story, for the first time, in this episode of Up Close.

Because of the importance of the topic, we are making the complete interview with Lonna Kin available online in the special extended webcast of the episode above.

And then, what do we mean when speak about “evil?” Why do we act immorally, and why do some of us do so more than others? Author Andrew Michael Flescher offers some answers to these questions in his new book Moral Evil and on this episode of Up Close.

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