meifinegold1Although Israel’s Mei Finegold made it to the semi-finalists in the 2014 Eurovision song competition in Copenhagen, Israel’s entry was not one of the final 10 selections out of the 14 semifinalists in her grouping. Last year in Malmo, Israel also failed to make it to the finals.

Sure, I think Israel’s entry (below) was as good or better than those selected for the finals (in terms of voice, performance, strutting, and style), but I guess the voters and judges thought Russia, Ukraine, Norway, France, Sweden, and other entries were better. Israel just wasn’t able to beat out Ukraine’s Tick Tock song – was probably their use of a Hamster cage toy in their song; Paland’s use of female erotic butter chruners; or Belarus’ Cheesecake song.

Although Russia had a nice doublemint song, the live audience was as happy with Russia as a Purim service crowd is with Haman. Any mention of “Russia” was met with boos and perhaps one grogger.

Mei Finegold, who was born in Rishon LeZion, became popular in Israel as a contestant on Israel’s Kochav NoLad (To Be A Star) and she was selected this Spring to represent Israel at Eurovision 2014 in Denmark. She became a darling of the Eurovision press, was thrilled to be in Denmark, and discussed how she looked forward to shopping for lots of toys for her daughter and visiting Tivoli.

finegold2IBA, the Israel Broadcasting Authority, selected Finegold to represent Israel. In 2013, the channel held a large televised contest to select the entry, but in 2014, it made the choice internally, choosing Finegold over Maya Buskila and Ela Doron. Her song, Same Heart, was selected from a choice of three to be Israel’s entry.

Same Heart (you have filled my heart with sins and lies) is a story of love and taking charge, and not a song about about the peace process (we don’t beat from the same heart).

The song was originally written in English and the Hebrew was added. The video was recorded in Hameginim forest near Jerusalem.

Same Heart (Music & Lyrics: Rami Talmid) was selected over Nish’eret iti (Music: Loren de Paz & Chen Metzger Eder. Lyrics: Loren de Paz) and Be Proud (Music & Lyrics: Mei Finegold)

During the post Shabbat finals on May 10, Israeli voters cast 8 point for Romania, 10 points for Sweden, and 12 points for Austria’s Conchita Wurst (Israeli’s love beards, even if they are bearded women). The overall winner was AUSTRIA (followed by The Netherlands and Sweden)

Video of the rehearsal for the worldwide semi finals telecast is below

Finegold faced stiff competition from Austria’s bearded cross dressing singer, Conchita WURST

and Norway’s Carl Espen


BE PROUD OFFICAL VIDEO (filmed at Reading Power Station in Tel-Aviv)

NISHERET ITI – STAY WITH ME – OFFICAL VIDEO (filmed at the Israel Railways Museum in Haifa)

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