The question “Where do I go to meet someone serious?” is one I often get asked by love-seekers. There’s good news and there’s bad news. Let’s start with the bad and end on a positive note, okay? Okay.


Los Angeles is also not as easy a place to meet your other half as other towns across America, where communities are tighter-knit and you end up meeting and marrying someone at a much younger age.


What about other big cities? Here in Los Angeles, it’s not always as simple as places such as NYC and Tel Aviv. In those cities, you can meet someone out in the streets in a very organic way. LA is not a walking city, for the most part. With the exception of a few neighborhoods here and there (DTLA, for example), you can almost completely forget about meeting someone out on the streets. The hitting-on-people from car-to-car thing can work, but you’ve got to be extra careful not to seem like a creeper.



Dr. Mishmish has advice. But you’re smart enough to know I wouldn’t let you go without giving some friendly suggestive words, right? Very good.


1. Your Living Room

I’m serious – online dating sites and using matchmakers such as Jenny Apple are great options for those who have tried everything else, or are just too busy to go out all the time. Almost 30% of all married couples meet in these non-traditional ways!


2. Places Other Than Those You’ve Already Tried

Think about it. If you go to the same local bar every weekend, see the same faces, and hang out with the same small group of friends, it’s less likely for someone new to enter that scene.


3. One Of The (Literally) Hundreds Of Social Organizations’ Events

If you’re Jewish like I am, you have no excuse – there are more events than one person can physically go to. Always go to Aish? Try a different circle, too. Find yourself sticking to Moishe House parties? Expand your horizons and check out a FIDF or Stand With Us event. You can expect to see new folks in different circles, therefore increasing the chance to meet your match.

Not Jewish? It’s okay, nobody’s perfect. Try as a tool to get together with people who share your interests… even if your passion is model trains.model_train


4. Go Where Them Boys/Gals Go

If you want to meet a man, go where men go. If you want to meet a woman, go where women go. Simple, right? I know – why didn’t anyone tell you this? Don’t worry about all that, just get going to that sports event or tupperware store (Just kidding. Sort of).


5. Everywhere

Singles are everywhere. They go to doctors’ offices just like you. They wait in line at the DMV, just like you. Yes, they even wonder where to meet singles – just like you! So where can you meet them? Wherever you’re open enough to do so. If you’re approachable, you’re more likely to be approached. If you’re open-minded, people will smell it on you (and it smells scrumptious).


6. Through Friends & Family

If you’re single and looking, don’t be ashamed to ask around. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “Hey, I’m totally open to meeting someone special, so if you know someone I might be compatible with, keep me in mind!”. 35-40% of couples meet by being introduced by a friend or family member… just don’t expect Mr./Ms. Perfect to enter the room like this guy:


Whatever you do, be true to yourself… and as always, Tizremu!

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