I believe you can only truly hate a person if you at one point loved them. You don’t even necessarily have to be aware of it. It could be a such a small acute version of love- fleeting, for a split second.

The hate comes from the love. It comes from the principle of when the Jewish people fainted when they heard God’s naked voice from the top of Mount Sinai. The passion overwhelms your body. And you reject the love and catalyze it into hatred, as you would change excess water into waste, involuntarily and unconsciously. Or when you’re trying to flush a harmful substance out of your body. The very thing that is giving you life, feels like it’s the very thing that’s suffocating you.

The same principle applies, however, vice versa…

All we hope for is that we are given the opportunity to fight for our passion and that we have the faculties to sacrifice feeling, hollow hate- for love.

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