BuzzFeed video managed to find a crew of non-Jews who were unfamiliar with Jewish food in order to taste-test a selection of Jewish standards like Geffilte Fish, Mato Ball Soup, Chopped Liver, Kugel, Ruggelach and Manischewitz wine. I should say Ashkenazic Jewish standards – as such the results were fairly predictable. The panelists were less than impressed for the most part, which is understandable – I mean does anyone really like Geffilte Fish? Many great things emerged from the Jewish Ashkenazi shtetl experience – but great cuisine wasn’t one of them. What was less than predictable was that BuzzFeed was able to find a panel of people who looked at this food like it was some exotic, never-before-seen cuisine. I mean who has never heard of Matzoballs? And if you think that’s weird, just see how our panel of goyim responded to Manischewitz. But whatever. The end result is pretty funny – as was that sad looking kugel. Where did they even get that? Ewww…

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