Is it just me? Or do other people notice that when media outlets need to raise cash, they promote something to appeal to Jewish viewers or get all JewFace.

U.S. Public TV stations? Notice how they put on a weepy nostalgic Yiddish oriented show during pledge campaigns? New York Magazine… notice how when they need to boost their copy audits that have a cover story on Jews and Sex or Jews and the Ivies?

Buzzfeed appears to following the same business model. Their Try Guys are going all Jewish on us and their pageviews rocketed within a week.

This month they tried Israeli foods, like BAMBA and got 1.2 million views in less than a week (you got to love the reader comments who attack the Zionist Occupiers and their foodstuffs):

Hey Buzzfeed. That isn’t Israeli music.

or how about this one, where they try Jewish foods and scored 3.1 million views.

or last month, when the Try Guys dressed as women and got the hairy shorter Jewish one’s grandmother involved:

Business Model Lesson: Once you go Jewish,….

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