Noted Islamophobe and hate mongerer Pamela Geller recently awarded Jon Stewart “The Most Disgusting Jew on the Planet Award.” This was in an opinion piece, more of an unhinged rant really, titled The Poo Generation wherein a smiling shit emoticon “…signifies America’s rapid decay in the wake of the left’s decades-long war on Americanism, freedom and individual rights. The absence of morality – and by morality, I mean a code of values – has led to an absence of the good. And an abundance of poo.” Of course there’s oodles of criticism that one can direct at America but it’s hard to take someone seriously who is a hater (barred from entry in the UK) and who quotes Ayn Rand approvingly not once but twice in one piece that isn’t about Ayn Rand, because, well, Ayn Rand sucks. But back to Stewart the disgusting Jew.

Sharing their disdain for America is Jon Stewart, to whom they should have given the “Most Disgusting Jew on the Planet Award.” No contest. After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ground-breaking speech to Congress last week, Stewart scoffed at the many standing ovations Netanyahu received as the “longest bl-wjob a Jewish man has ever received.” … This vicious traitor, smug and self-righteous, has long been working for the other side under the guise of comedy. Vile. Jon Stewart defines self-loathing Jew. But that’s not enough. He means to take us down with him… He is leaving Comedy Central, thankfully. But don’t get too happy; they’ll turn the show over to another leftist radical. When does Dennis Miller or someone like that get an HBO or Comedy Central gig? The cultural landscape is under siege by these killers… And what’s next for Stewart? Politics, I fear.

So wait, what? Jon Stewart is working for the other side? What other side? The Russkis? Is Jon Stewart a member of the Taliban or ISIS? Jihad Jon? Is he leaking government secrets that as a comedian on TV he has special access to? Oh! He’s a radical leftist (who earns over $30 million a year which I am sure he funnels to Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Il and George Soros). Ok. And the radical leftists control the media. That’s why someone like Dennis Miller, who is somewhat conservative, will never work in Hollywood. Except that he did work. He was on Saturday Night Live from 1985-1991. Then there was the Dennis Miller Show in 1992 which lasted 7 months before being cancelled due to poor ratings. Then in 1994 he was on HBO with Dennis Miller Live. It took his radical leftist bosses at HBO 8 years to realize that Miller was conservative and the show ended its run in 2002. Bad fact checking Pamela. But it’s hard to pull up Wikipedia when the froth from your mouth is so… frothy that it gets into your eyes.

Anyhow, being called a disgusting Jew by Pam Geller should actually be treated as a badge of honor! When small minded and hateful fuckwads hate you, it means you’re doing something right. So yasher koach Mr. Stewart. You’re actually a real mensch. But would it kill you to come to shul once in a while?

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I used to watch Stewart but I stopped when I realized he makes anything Jewish the butt of his jokes. He is not so much self-depricating but Jewish-depricating. I cannot think of an instance on his show or in interviews when Stewart has expressed any positive feeling or thought for anything Jewish.

    • @dll: I think he sees Judaism as a bit schlocky – not an unusual sentiment in certain Jewish circles. But as a good Jew, I know that Pamela Geller’s pronouncement against Stewart go against a number of important Jewish principles, which I’d be happy to enumerate if you insist. So, yeah. If you care about the core principles of Judaism, you must take umbrage with Geller’s judging of another Jew.

      • I have not paid much attention to Pamela Geller. To me, she is a sideshow albeit an obnoxious one. Jon Stewart is a national celebrity with a potentially wide audience. He is being held up as the epitome of the average Jew identified in the Pew survey of Jews and Judaism. He is the one people are fawning over. He is the one the Daily Forward is pushing as the spokesman for the modern American Jew. His attitude toward Jews, Judaism, and things Jewish has the potential to influence more people than Pam Geller or your local rabbi.

  • I call your attention to the April 28, 2008 episode of The Daily Show. Observe how Stewart deflects Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s bigotry into his own swipe at Judaism. “Whatever you want to say about the substance of what the reverend is saying–interpret it as you may. If I had a rabbi who brought that much game I wouldn’t have spent this Passover neck-deep in a bacon and cheese croissandwich.” In fact, Stewart won’t even call Wright’s remarks bigotry. What a cop-out. What anti-Jewish hostility!

  • Didn’t know that Pamela Geller is Jewish until a mutual friend in New York told me so and that she’s quite a different person and not a shrieking Harpy when off-the-record. I always thought that she’s messianic. Jon Steward was one of the stars at Comedy Central and he should be remembered for the entertainment he indulged. His political views were interesting during the last Bush Jr. administration. They became overbearing and obnoxious with Obama. Like so many things in the US.