Have you seen the Israeli flag that is black and gold?

Some people see it as blue and white, and I and some others see it as black and yellow/gold.

It is believed that the reason some readers see this dress as gold and black is because the brain “removes” some colors. It is more an aspect of the brain’s physiology than an optical illusion.

I called up the Weisman Institute of Science in Rishon L’Zion (not to be confused with the other institute in Rehovot) and I was told by a friendly neuro-ophthalmologist that the light that enters my eyes is affected by the ambient light bouncing off the material. She said that people perceive colors differently just as people perceive politicians, political parties, and their motivations differently. Such as the PM Netanyahu visit to Washington, DC.

She continued that the if light skews in one direction, a dress or flag can be perceived as blue and white. Seen from another angle, it can be perceived as gold/yellow and black,… or even black and blue.

Brandeis Professor Daniel Oprian teaches that colors are made up by human brains. All that exists are waves.

Here is another dress below that can cause a similar illusion:

Blue and white?

Do you see it as Blue and White?

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