Rambam warns of matza stomach. I mean Rambam Hospital in Israel, not the rabbi.

Jesse Lachter, a leading Israeli gastroenterologist and teacher at Rambam Medical Center in Haifa said that Passover food eaten by most observant Jews are high in fat, salt, and calories, and can lead to medical problems, or discomfort.

Dr. Lachter pointed out that matza has double the calories as leavened bread, and it is also fattening. For those on weight watchers, a slice of matza is three points, which is more than a bag of chips. Matza is also “binding.” One can avert these effects through prayer, exercise, increased water consumption, and high fiber dried fruit. Lachter pointed out that the Rambam (the 12th century rabbi and physician) advised patients to eat until 66% full, and then relax.

Additional health care professionals recommend that you exercise 30 minutes a day; reduce consumption of white flour matza products; and choose to eat fruit instead of Passover cookies and cakes.

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