This morning, two Arab girls, one 14 and one 16 attempted a terrorist attack close to the Mahane Yehuda market (the Shuk) in Jerusalem. After staking out the area, they attacked and managed to lightly injure a 70 year old Palestinian resident of Bethlehem, who they mistook for a Jew. Police and passer by were quickly on the scene and both assailants, who were armed with scissors, were shot. The 16 year-old died on the spot and the 14 year-old was seriously injured and is listed in critical condition.

Security cameras showed the girls casing the light rail bus stop across the street from the market:

Security footage captured the pathetic attack:

A security guard lightly was injured by shrapnel from friendly fire. As soon as I heard of the attack, I walked 5 minutes to the shuk and had an Aroma Ice Coffee (with a shot of espresso).


Hours later, an Israeli soldier was killed and two others were injured at a gas station on route 443 near the town of Modiin. The Palestinian terrorist who carried out that attack was shot dead by security forces at the scene.

What did the Palestinians accomplish today? Less than nothing. The Israeli death toll in the stupidfada stands at 21. The Palestinian death toll? 81.

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  • And these are the people who want their own state?

    The more attacks of this kind that Palestinians carry out, the less likely their aspirations for “statehood” will become.

    Why? Because these kinds of acts show the “Palestinian Authority” for what it truly is, namely, a thinly veiled front for gangs of terrorist thugs, and therefore is a body that cannot be truly considered a viable form of government.

    How can they call themselves an “Authority” when they sink to the level of encouraging teenage girls to carry out terrorist attacks? This is their idea of “self-governance”? PATHETIC, JUST PATHETIC!

  • wow. I’ve been calling it the viral intifada since the beginning, but stupidfada is more concise and accurate. Let’s say this was reversed. If the jews were stabbing, we would have seen after a couple of days that it was pointless, and would have given up to think of something else. But this ‘nation’ just keeps coming back for more, actively encouraging and sacrificing it’s men and women to pointless violence to go stab the Jew, one of the most inefficient types of murder. 95% end in death to the attacker? Who cares, the family will get a permanent stipend and they get to appear in some viral video of the attack that will get a few thousand hits.

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