Jewlicious will occasionally accept submissions from various writers. Sometimes these submissions are great and often, we don’t publish them because they suck, or don’t meet even our loose editorial standards or they are advertorials for yet another Judaica shop or commercial venture. Every once in a while though, we get something so random that, well, we just have to publish it.

Our reader Lisa sent us the following email:

I am a model currently with heels for combat boots in Mn we do pin up modeling in support of vets with PTSD.. But, I’m also born and raised Jewish .. Everything around me is Christmas !!! So on my own with the help of a professional photographer I am making 8 days of pin up for hannukah .. As well as a calendar !!! For 2016 Cheesy pin up style !!!! I am out here alone but feel it is important I hope I an have your support.

How could I say no? I didn’t want Lisa to think she was all alone in the cold of Minneapolis. So enjoy the first of her pinups! We’ll keep adding them in as she sends them to us!


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