Jewlicious will occasionally accept submissions from various writers. Sometimes these submissions are great and often, we don’t publish them because they suck, or don’t meet even our loose editorial standards or they are advertorials for yet another Judaica shop or commercial venture. Every once in a while though, we get something so random that, well, we just have to publish it. You may have already seen day 1. Here’s the pinup for day 2!

But first some Hanukkah musings from Lisa:

Happy Hanukkah my friend !!!
In case people have trouble understanding
the meaning of our fine holiday .. I have written it
in a way I feel the silly, young & others may understand better ?

What is Hanukkah ??? I could explain real facts & give honest information.
Instead I’m going to tell a story having nothing to do with facts or truth honoring my Grandma Ruth. Confusing you a little (maybe).
teaching you about Hanukkah (possibly).
Giving you my heart and soul Absolutely !!!!

Once a long long time ago “maybe a couple months ago” .
In a far far away land “motel in Hastings Mn”.
Was a woman who looked damn good for 44.
Now this woman came prepared as she had to work straight day & night for 8 days & the only thing she knew she needed to survive was her morning cup of chai tea from her Keurig machine.
But to her horror the motel had Nescafé Machine !!!!
Different single-cup systems are not interchangeable and a single-serve coffee container is a method for coffee brewing that prepares only enough coffee for a single portion.
I know this, who doesn’t ??
What would she do ??? How could she survive ?? She only brought K-cups.
Well that first morning she decided oh to hell with it I’m sticking this k-cup up this Nescafé u know what !!
It was a miracle it worked !! And the next morning in her sleepiness she forgot to take out the old k-cup and hit brew !!! Oh shit !!!
But wait !!!! Out came fresh chai tea like a new pod !!! How can this be ??
This continued for 8 days …
And on the 8th day after she made her tea… The machine exploded !!!
” she knew from then on she would honor those 8 days every year ” and call it
The end


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