Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the latest DC Comics superhero blockbuster by Warner Bros. Released in the US on March 26, 2015 it has already set quite a few box office records. The film grossed $166 million in North America in its opening weekend making it the 7th biggest opening of all-time. The film had a worldwide opening gross of $422.5 million, which stands as the biggest opening for a superhero film, the second biggest for Warner Bros. and the fourth biggest of all-time. It also had an IMAX worldwide opening weekend total of $36 million from 945 IMAX screens, the third biggest ever. Less impressive however, both inside and outside of the United States, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice experienced a remarkably poor Friday-to-Sunday hold and set a new record for the worst Friday-to-Sunday drop for a superhero movie release in modern box office history with a 58% decline, which was previously held by Fantastic Four.

It is also the first live-action film to feature Batman and Superman together, as well as the first movie to feature live-action portrayals of Aquaman, Cyborg, the Flash and Wonder Woman. Playing Wonder Woman was Israeli actress and model Gal Gadot. Prior to this role she played in a number of Hollywood films including The 3 iterations of The Fast and the Furious. Gadot’s Israeli citizenship was never an issue until recently when the Jerusalem Post reported that the Lebanese BDS movement has demanded that the government ban the screening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice because Gal Gadot is in it.

According to the report, the movement has recently sent a letter to the Israel boycott office in the Lebanese Economic Ministry, to inform officials that the film, which has been screened in Lebanese cinemas, stars an Israeli actress. “This actress served in the IDF and was crowned the beauty queen of Israel. She also revealed her support for the IDF during the last war in Gaza,” Dr. Abdel Malik Sukria, the representative of the Lebanese BDS movement wrote. “We are confident that you will give this grave issue serious consideration,” he added. The BDS letter was concluded with a symbolic salute: “May you continue supporting the boycott of Israel.”

Our Lebanese BDS cousins seem to be asleep at the wheel as no such demand was made regarding the screening of The Fast and the Furious in Lebanon. Gadot is also the face of Bamboo perfume by Gucci, readily available in Beirut and has worked for Jaguar, also readily available in Lebanon.

Does all this seem silly? Gadot received very good reviews for her role as Wonder Woman and is set to play her again in a Batman vs. Superman sequel as well as in a feature Wonder Woman film. No BDS action will affect the movie’s revenues and none will in any way, shape or form, render any assistance to the Palestinians. But that ought not be a surprise. BDS has almost nothing to do with actually helping Palestinians and everything to do with just, you know, fucking with Israel. Fun. Good luck with that Lebanese BDS Movement. Perhaps your efforts would be of better use closer to home where Palestinians are barred from practicing 25 professions including law, medicine, and engineering. Also, since the passage of legislation in 2001, Palestinians can no longer own property in Lebanon. Palestinians in Lebanon are also deprived of health care, social services and education. And finally, as bad as it is for old school Palestinians in Lebanon, it’s even worse for the estimated 50,000 Palestinian refugees recently escaped from Syria and residing in Lebanon.

But yeah. Don’t watch that stupid movie because BDS and the pipe dream of destroying Israel is what’s really important. Are people really this stupid? Yes. Yes they are.

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