My dear friend Pierre recently wrote about Omar Mateen “The Orlando killer Was a closet gay and had a problem with alcohol. That bring[s] the brotherhood of Islamic fundamentalists into a new light. A bit of rainbow colours on the black flag?” His comment underscores the deep psychic trauma that self-loathing can cause. I mean we know that a lot of these ISIS Jihadis verily wallowed in the flesh pots of the West prior to volunteering for ISIS. If so then there’s every reason to believe that a good number of them are harboring suppressed Homosexual desires, and when you suppress who you are, it can make you crazy, resulting in beheadings, immolation, rape and murder.

If only ISIS embraced its inner fag, as well as no more rape, murder and mutilation, maybe they wouldn’t be so bad? As Sunnis they would naturally act against Iranian and Hezbollah influence in the region. They would also check Russian ambitions and of course, finally get rid of the hated Assad regime. If they just chilled out a bit and accepted who they are – closet Homosexuals – they’d be so much happier and so much more chilled out.

To that end I present the new ISIS Pride flag in the hopes that it will engender a future full of peace, love and understanding in Iraq, Syria, the Levant and beyond.

OK, I admit that the reasoning presented in this post is disjointed and that really, all I wanted was an excuse to create an ISIS Pride flag. Sue me.

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