I remember back to 1857, when the British rulers of India issued gunpowder cartridges to its Hindu and Muslim soldiers that contained animal tallow as an ingredient. To use them, soldiers were supposed to tear the packages with their teeth. This was one of the causes of the Indian Rebellion of 1857.

Now, word comes from the Bank of England that the new Fiver, or £5 Note, contains a slight amount of tallow in the pellets that are used to manufacture them.

Is this good for the Jews? How about for the Vegans? We are not about to lick or eat the notes, but I wonder what the Chief Rabbi of the UK will say about this.

A number of Sikh and Hindus have urged that the new Fivers be banned from temples, where meat products are forbidden. No word yet on whether British Jewish charities want to ban these notes from synagogue pushkes.

There is a petittion drive to change the notes HERE

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