Over 54,000 attended a concert in Tel Aviv by Britney Spears on Monday evening, July 3.

Many media outlets, some “toxic,” focused on the mob scenes that her fans and the press created during Spears’ attempted visits to religious sites in Jerusalem. Some sites played up the canceled meeting with the Prime Minister, although others say that such a meeting was never confirmed by Spears’ managers, and was announced only by political offices (MITCH! you were supposed to CONFIRM the meeting, dude).

Nevertheless, Spears performed to great applause in the park, just as Aerosmith and Bieber have done, and as Radiohead will do in two weeks.

Given the popularity of the concert, the Labour Party postponed an internal election meeting that had been scheduled for Monday night. Instead, the meeting was held Tuesday, during which Israel’s opposition leader – Isaac Herzog – was defeated in his bid for reelection as party leader (… Baby One More Time); he came in third. Former Defense Minister Amir Peretz received the most votes (but not more than 40%), followed by Avi Gabbai.


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