CALL TO ACTION – a tzadik who is a Baal tzedaka, is languishing in jail with an unprecedented sentence of over 150 years! He is the true definition of a Pidyon Shvuyim (a prisoner to a non Jewish Government). He was convicted under very anti-Jewish circumstances and as yidden we must stand up and demand his immediate release. Nobody convicted of a similar crime has ever received such a harsh sentence.

It is our DUTY as Jews to rally, raise money and support this amazing man. Many Torah institutions have suffered great losses due to this man’s story. We cannot remain silent! This man has a beautiful wife and two sons, one who has committed suicide due to his incarceration. He has suffered enough!

Please join the kehilah, we must unite as Jews of all stripes to oppose this terrible injustce. Please say tehillim tonight for Baruch ben Rephael Madoff and let’s hope that after the Rubashkin Miracle Hashem will have the strength to bless us with a Madoff miracle!

May Baruch ben Rephael Madoff imminently have the zchut to truly say the brachah:

Baruch Atah Hashem Elokeynu Melech Haolam, Matir Assurim
“HaShem sets free those who are imprisoned”

Submitted by Howie Silbiger. Howie is a journalist and a radio talk show host. His show can be heard live on Sundays at 6pm EST on

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