The Greatest Correction Ever Told

One of the greatest corrections ever will be published in The Wall Street Journal on March 29, 2018 – sort of Erev Pesach.

It is in regard to a story published on page A3 on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, titled ADELSON AIDED ISRAELI FIRM BEFORE ITS E.P.A. DEAL, by Timothy Puko.

In the final sentence of the 12 paragraph story, the reporters write that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bragged about the technology of an Israeli firm (Water-Gen, Ltd) say it “improves on Moses,”… “He brought water from Iraq. They bring water from thin air.”

The Wall Street Journal had to issue a CORRECTION that PM Netanyahu said that Moses brought water from A ROCK, not IRAQ.

A fabulous pre-Pesach correction.

Of course, more importantly, the story is states that Sheldon Adelson allegedly used his influence as a Republican donor to help Water-Gen Ltd. and its USA division president, Yehuda Kaploun, get into the Environmental Protection Agency to pitch its GEN-350 atmospheric water generation technology to EPA chief Scott Pruitt. Water-Gen board member, professor Alan Dershowitz did not attend.

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