In May 2018, novelist and son of Newark, Philip Roth passed away at the age of 1985.

On this Saturday, July 20, 2019, many of his household items from Litchfield County, Connecticut will be auctioned off, including silverware, Chinese art, a poster of President Lyndon B Johnson, and several typewriters.

Wouldn’t it be fab to acquire Portnoy’s typewriter? The one on which Nathan Zuckerman novels were created?

Would it drive us to more creative plots and language?

Would a Jewish museum accept it as a gift?

It is estimated to sell for under $300. Well heck, the same model is available on eBay for more than that.

I am sure it will sell for more.

If you are looking for a menorah or kiddush cup among the lots that are up for auction….. look not.

Roth said on many occasions that he was not only ‘not religious’… he was anti-religion.

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