I get unsolicited requests to link to content all the time, but the 4th time some guy called Shimon Sandler of Kosher.com sent me an email about their 100 Best Hamantaschen Recipes of All Time, I was all “OK nudnik. I’ll check it out.” Sure enough, it was a page with links to some pretty insane, as well as conventional Hamantaschen recipes – and just in time for Purim too. There’s all kinds here – from bagel Hamantaschen to Shakshuka Hamantaschen – all kinds I have never ever heard of!

The most insane one however, is this recipe for what they call Blue Rock Hamantaschen – clearly inspired by the very pure but very dangerous crystal meth manufactured on Breaking Bad – this recipe even comes with a warning:

Important note! This Hamantaschen recipe is for adults! The blue rock candy is a sticky hard candy with sharp edges and should not be given to anyone without a warning and recommendation to be eaten separately from the Hamantaschen.

That did it. If its good enough for Heisenberg, its good enough for me. I just had to share this with you all. Have a happy and uh… safe Purim.

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