On Friday, April 3, 2020, the CDC-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States recommended that everyone wear non-medical grade face masks to fight the coronavirus Covid19 pandemic.

Many leaders, even the Surgeon General, showed how easy it is to create one with fabric and two rubber bands.

(Like, where am I supposed to find some rubber bands??)

Over a month ago, a synagogue in the Netherlands (Beit SHoshana, Raalte) recommended that its Dutch members create masks out of kippot.

They posted a message on their FACEBOOK PAGE, HERE and offered an instruction video (see the picture above from their page).

It is a great craft project for those in quarantine. And if you have a kippah in teal satin nylon, it can be quite fashionable.

Otto Kube, a funeral director, with the help of his son, also made a video with the kippah mask design. It has had over 80,000 views.

Others have made videos for crafting the mask

This works better to make your mask from a synthetic nylon kippahs, and not the large, loose knit ones from Gush Emunim.

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