There was minor snickering this week, during the DAYS OF AWE (DAYS OF CHUTZ-PAW), when THE WASHINGTON POST reported that Israeli Prime minister Netanyahu and his spouse had a habit of bringing several suitcases of dirty or wrinkled clothes with them to have them laundered and dry cleaned by the United States, for free.

And why shouldn’t they?

From what I hear, the BLAIR HOUSE Wash-n-Fold and dry cleaning service is second only to that of CAMP DAVID.

BLAIR HOUSE, across Pennsylvania Avenue from The White House, has a little over a dozen guest room, a beauty parlor, a laundry, and other amenities. And the cleaning service is free; you don’t need to bring your own rolls of quarters.

According to The WaPo, the Netanyahus have a reputation for bringing soiled clothes on trips abroad so that they can be dry cleaned or laundered by their host country. Sort of a fetish. While it is untrue that the PM made a teenage Jared Kushner wash his underwear on a visit to the Kushner’s NJ home, it is true that he crashed at the house decades ago.

The PM’s office denied the allegations made in the WaPo story, which the WaPo reported was backed up by staff in the Obama and Trump administrations.

The Israeli embassy in Washington replied to the allegations, calling them “absurd.” The embassy spokesmodel asserted that on this most recent visit, there was no dry cleaning that took place,… well, none except for ironing a wrinkled dress which was worn to a meeting, and washing a few shirts, and also a pair of pYjamas (their spelling, not mine), which were worn by the PM on his flight from Ben Gurion to Washington DC.

It is also untrue that all the free packets of Splenda at Blair House disappeared during each of their stays.

My understanding is that Blair House uses fantastic dryer sheets that leave clothes smelling of peace and lavender

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