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Who loves us?

Always a good place to get a sassy different take on the news of the day. I don’t always agree…and that’s a good thing.”
– Sarah Lefton
Jewish Innovator & Jewlicious Festival Alum

At Jewlicious, you know that everyone believes in you to grow and change … all of the staff are just so excited all of the time about every participant’s potential.
Eli Winkelman
Founder Challah for Hunger, Jewlicious Festival Staff and Alum

I have never experienced anything like Jewlicious. So many kinds of Jews, such an open atmosphere, such incredible learning and music and perhaps most shockingly at a large Jewish event: fantastic food. The Jewish community at large could take a few tips from the beauty and inspiration that is Jewlicious!
Mayim Bialik
Actress, Author, Mom

The Jewlicious organization is now a mainstay in my life. It is constantly fresh, surprising, fun, deep, and engaging. You may not have heard, but being a Jew can get so serious. This culture, religion, Country, and peoplehood all have unbelievable depth yet the yoke can become so heavy it slips to where one would rather not pick it up. Jewlicious brings the jewels of Jewish identity and places them on a table to enjoy in good company. It’s all delectable, hip, organic, and worldly, and, its all kosher… Jewlicious welcomes me to feel empowered and excited about being the Jewish person I am NOW and that is the best way to inspire me to invest in the Jewish person I want to be in the future.
Leia Weil
Dancer, Israeli Social Activist, Festival Alum

Look. If you must be a Zionist, Jewlicious is definitely the way to go. The Festival I attended was way more fun than I care to admit. You’re not quoting me are you?
David Kelsey
Publisher, Heeb Magazine, Festival Alum, Lover of Zion (but don’t tell anyone)

Jewlicious is a resource. It’s a unifying expression of Jewish peoplehood that inspires and energizes me. From the Festival, to the blog, to their unwavering support, Jewlicious has always been there for me!
Tanya Gutsol
Jewish Community Professional, Innovator, Festival Alum

Jewlicious Rocks! It’s everything I love about Judaism, minus the fasting and persecution!
Elon Gold
Comedian, Secret Agent

Jewlicious does a fantastic job at making the case that Judaism is still alive, relevant, and exciting.
Peter Himmelman
Musician, Artist


  • As a jew myself it saddens me to see how you all think being a jew makes you different from other people. This form of exceptional-ism are the roots for antisemitism which in my opinion is the same as discrimination. Actually the word antisemitism is also a way of exceptional-ism. Why is there a difference in discriminating jews or anyone else. Care for exceptional-ism it will come around sooner or later.

  • Normally, Daniel, it’s a good idea to read the information on a blog post before commenting. Especially if you’re going to write a foolish comment. I understand that life for Jews in Europe isn’t simple, especially these days, but please don’t internalize others’ hatred of Jews.

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