Spain in Mourning over Train Terror Attacks

It has been a year since the devastating attacks in Madrid killing almost 200 people in a series of well timed explosions hitting train cars, platforms and passengers.

The attack sent a clear message that the Muslim terror groups, and Al Qaeda took responsibility for this attack, are lashing out at the West in a concerted fashion. It seems to me that there is little difference between a Muslim terrorist attacking an Israeli bus because he believes that Jews may not live on “Muslim” land, and a Muslim terrorist destroying buildings full of innocent Americans in New York because the Americans have placed troops on Saudi soil (with the permission of their Saudi hosts), and a suicide bomber driving an exploding car into a disco in Bali filled with Australians and New Zealanders because they are somehow linked to the West, or an attack in Spain because it’s a European Christian nation that was once a Muslim stronghold.

Today, the Spanish mourn their dead, but I believe that it is the same war that Israelis are fighting and that Americans are fighting. Their dead are our dead as well.

Haaretz and Jerusalem Post picked up an article from AP that is worth a read.


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