Jewish Voice For Peace are the antisemites your grandmother warned you about when she was speaking about neo-Nazis

On August 17, 2017, Naomi Dann trolled the Jewish community while pressing forth her group’s, Jewish Voice for Peace, anti-Israel agenda. Essentially comparing Israeli society and its actions to American Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, Dann asks American Jews to hold up a hypothetical mirror and acknowledge that our support for Israel resembles that of the American far-right.

Others have responded to Dann’s claims regarding Israel, but I have no intention of following in their footsteps. Must I really point out that linking to Yousef Munayyer’s article about supposed discrimination against Arabs in Israel brings up a link to Adalah’s odious, nonsensical, media-attention-seeking list?

No, there’s no need. The best response to trolling is to focus on the troll.

In this case, the writer, Ms. Dann, is an employee of the anti-Israel activist group Jewish Voice for Peace, so naturally I brought my trusty mirror and held it up to them. Here’s what I found: Jewish Voice for Peace pushes anti-Semitic blood libels, disrupts Jewish religious events (direct evidence), provides respect and platforms for murderers of Jews, interrupts Holocaust commemoration events, humiliates queer young Jews, wishes for the demise of Israel, and provides cover for the anti-Semitic actions of various Israel-boycott organizations.

In other words, if anyone in the Jewish community resembles the US far-right, it is actually our own Jewish far-left, as exemplified by Jewish Voice for Peace. Their opinions about our Jewish community and especially “Jewish values” should be considered about as trustworthy as that of the US far-right, whose members and affiliates support (and would love to engage in) many of the types of JVP activities listed above.

But let’s be honest about one thing, Jewish Voice for Peace is a great, amazing, spectacularly convincing name for an organization that seeks to cover its ugly activities and those of its affiliates, namely BDS-connected organizations, Students for Justice in Palestine, Black Lives Matter and freed terrorists. Their actions entrench and perpetuate the Israeli-Arab conflict, even at the expense of average Palestinians, and often, ahem, mirror the positions of the Palestinian leadership of Fatah (I don’t link to antisemitic sites, so trust me on this one) and Hamas. Moreover, despite protestations to the contrary, the anti-Israel movement is overflowing with anti-Semitic supporters and activities, as a cursory look at some activists’ social media feeds reveals all too well.

So yes, Jewish Voice for Peace is a great name indeed, even if it is one that, like the headline in Naomi Dann’s Forward op-ed, misleads people into thinking the opposite of the truth.

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  • Don’t feed the trolls.

    The Rockefeller Brothers Fund gives JVP who knows how much money for them to present the pro-Nazi wing of the Jewish community. Judith Butler, Rebecca Wilkinson and the rag-tag group of neurotic psychopaths are not Jewish, not human, and not peaceful. They are very well-funded nobodies.

    Don’t give trolls attention.