David Abitbol, the indefatigable and fearless founder of Jewlicious is getting married on October 24, 2014, somewhere in the Land of Israel, to the charming and lovely Ayo Oppenheimer. They’re so cute they call themselves Dayo. Heh. Wish I could be there.

I’m sure he prefers cash, but the wuss has actually put up a registry. I was expecting him to list some smokes and fine whiskey on there, but, alas, just a lot of kitchenware.

Damn, kitchenware is expensive in Eretz Israel!

Anyway, kids, he’s on Facebook, on Twitter and walking through Machane Yehuda as I write. Send him some love and appreciation. He’s a good person, marrying a lovely girl and I’m fairly sure I speak for all Jewlicious contributors and friends when I wish them both a mazal tov and a long and happy life together!


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