The Ambassador will be attending

The AmbassadorIsraeli pop.cult sensation to address Jewlicious @ the Beach Conference

Thanks to the good offices of the people at Israel at Heart, Eytan Schwartz, winner of Israeli reality TV show “The Ambassador,” (similar to “The Apprentice”) will be attending the Jewlicious @ the Beach Conference. Schwartz was chosen from a pool of a dozen finalists who competed for the chance to be an unofficial Israeli Ambassador in the US.

Harry (He Knows Thingsâ„¢) Israeli blogger and podcaster extraordinaire posted an entire series of summaries of each episode of the Ambassador. Harry reports the following about Schwartz:

Eytan Ariel Schwartz, 30. Single from Tel Aviv. He enjoys watching “The Shield,” NYPD Blue and his favorite movie is “Barton Fink.” Personal motto: “Take me Silvan.”

Harry also reproduced an Interview Schwartz did with Paula Zahn on CNN:

Zahn: “While “The Apprentice” tests contestants’ ability to sell lemonade on the street or handle office politics, “The Ambassador” finalists have learned that selling real politics is a lot harder.

Eitan Schwartz: “The problem is that when you sell lemonade, nobody hates lemonade. Nobody is going to say that your lemonade occupies territories or that your lemonade kills babies.”

Indeed Eitan. Truer words may have never been spoken.

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