Dov Charney: American Mensch?

Dov Charney

I’ve always had an interest in Dov Charney, the enigmatic CEO of American Apparel. He’s from Montreal, he manufactures cool clothes in a sweatshop free environment (as I type this I am wearing the model 2007 Fine Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Asphalt) and his comings and goings have provided us with rich blog fodder. We knew he was chill when he helped us make Rami Watid’s day and provided free t-shirts to these happy paraders. However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Charney and American Apparel in blogland.

Until lately that is. The famed alternative magazine In These Times printed a correction. Seems their writer Ari Paul comes from the if it’s on the innernet, it must be troo school of journalism. Gay.com wrote a glowing profile and Michael Sonnenschein over at Media Bistro, in a post titled Dov Charney: maybe a mensch after all, corrected a few of the factual innaccuracies published in an LA Jewish Journal article about American Apparel.

That’s all fine and good, but what really caps off Dov Charney’s newly rediscovered hipster cred is the acceptance of an American Apparel banner ad on venerable Jew-hipster blog, Jewschool. Look on the right column and you can see it. The American Apparel ad was placed on Jewschool via an ad network called blogads which allows Webmasters to reject any submitted ad for any reason at all. I guess our friend Dan Sieradski (aka Mobius) feels that American Apparel is an acceptable advertiser. That’s totally cool. Only thing is though, why the heck are they not advertising here?? I guess we’re just not cool enough. As Dan often says “bastids…”

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