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I’ve always had an interest in Dov Charney, the enigmatic CEO of American Apparel. He’s from Montreal, he manufactures cool clothes in a sweatshop free environment (as I type this I am wearing the model 2007 Fine Jersey Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Asphalt) and his comings and goings have provided us with rich blog fodder. We knew he was chill when he helped us make Rami Watid’s day and provided free t-shirts to these happy paraders. However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for Charney and American Apparel in blogland.

Until lately that is. The famed alternative magazine In These Times printed a correction. Seems their writer Ari Paul comes from the if it’s on the innernet, it must be troo school of journalism. wrote a glowing profile and Michael Sonnenschein over at Media Bistro, in a post titled Dov Charney: maybe a mensch after all, corrected a few of the factual innaccuracies published in an LA Jewish Journal article about American Apparel.

That’s all fine and good, but what really caps off Dov Charney’s newly rediscovered hipster cred is the acceptance of an American Apparel banner ad on venerable Jew-hipster blog, Jewschool. Look on the right column and you can see it. The American Apparel ad was placed on Jewschool via an ad network called blogads which allows Webmasters to reject any submitted ad for any reason at all. I guess our friend Dan Sieradski (aka Mobius) feels that American Apparel is an acceptable advertiser. That’s totally cool. Only thing is though, why the heck are they not advertising here?? I guess we’re just not cool enough. As Dan often says “bastids…”

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  • Ari Paul. Michael Sonnenschein. Dan Sieradski. David Abitbol.

    Geez. When the did blog world turn into Hymietown?

    Jews. Give them a form of media and they’ll dominate it.

  • What a shame. There’s nothing funnier than a Jewish CEO of an anti-sweatshop garment company exposing himself to interviewers and sleeping with all of his [fe]male staff.

    I emailed DC for some shirts, (at wholesale price, not for free! I swear!) and got no response. Nothin’.

    I liked him better when he was Dov Charney: Makes Kosher Clothes, Will Fuck Your Editor.

    And now, I is gonna get drunk. Btw, ck, do you ever get sent press releases?

  • the united nations and roadrunner cable are advertising on jewschool now too. don’t ask me how or why…

  • Apparel companies pay their people as little as possible, most of them. How are the salaries at AA, maybe I can relo.

  • Yes, I can be a new store opener/store support person for them. I will give Dovie a call. I will say I heard about him in Jewlicious.

  • Muffti hates to get all possessive, but if Dov is mensch at all, isn’t he a Canuck mensch?

  • Why he masturbate so much? I once had dinner w. the editor of Jane.
    I guess no one would call him a creep cuz you’re hoping for big writing deals.

  • The UN advertises on Jewschool? That’s freakin hilarious, man.

    I don’t get what’s the big deal with this dude. Of course, I live in an area that doesn’t have an American Apparel (to my knowledge…I’m not much for buying designer clothes though).
    So he makes clothes and makes comments that aren’t socially appropriate and is Jewish. If he were in the entertainment industry, this would be a non-story.

  • But by the way, ck, it doesn’t seem to me that the mediabistro post is “correcting factual inaccuracies,” but clarifying points Dov wants clarified in order to save his reputation:

    “I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s nothing mis-reported in the article per se, which pretty carefully distinguishes between allegation and fact. Although of course, one could argue about balance and bias in any piece like this. However, as Blume pointed out to me, if Charney really objects to the article, maybe he ought to write a letter to the editor, which the Journal would print, and which he hasn’t done.”

    So maybe he should. Of course, he and his PR people may decide that the best thing to do is just to let the media fight it out without an official statement from the company, which is certainly their right to do. It sounds like it’s Dov’s/AA’s call to me.

  • I don’t want to be seeing Jobber wanker t shirts now. You know girl to buy for their BF when she will be on a business trip. I am in line for accessories manager spot.

  • Nebbish,
    They way that this guy conducts biz and deals with the public, I’m starting to wonder whether he might actually be in the entertainment biz.

  • Nah he’s a Jew freak that’s all. Smokes Canadian weed alot. Did I read that Jane article correctly, he wips it out and strokes his ego like that?
    check out someone named Majeeski is trying to close out the Mets in the bottom of the tenth after Louper blows it yet again. How many times do I have to them Omar, Louper is a setup man not a closer.

  • Jobber, you’re not making much sense right now. Step back from the keyboard and take a deep breath. Now release and relax.

  • I am trying to understand what I read on that link. Middie, this thread is too cryptic. Who did the interview in Jane mag. They don’t have a search feature in their web site. Can you provide details about this article. Who the author is, when it was published.
    This, this is your pimp Daddy?

  • it’s a spoof, I realized this already. No one is whipping out his g-ddam sex organ during a fucking interview,, please. This is BXS, Jewlicious BS.

    I am looking to start a new blog and a new id, Jobber will become an ex soon. This is because, it has outlived it’s purpose, which is primarily to get me into a more either lucractive job or business situation, and for clos to 9 months now, Jobbber has done dick, so it is time for A CHANGE a Hischadshus, a new begining, a new Year gebenched.
    Wishing all of my Jewlicious friends, a Kesiva VaChasima Ktova,

  • That is not an ad for the United Nations on JewSchool. It is an ad for the United Nations Foundation, which is a public 501(c)(3)charity which was created with a $1 billion dollar gift by Ted Turner in 1998. (He was trying to get some good PR for his former wife, Jane Fonda, at the time & thought a mere billion would take care of her little Hanoi Jane snafu).