Lebanese Bloggers Weigh in on Kuntar Celebration

Yesterday the world was treated to an image of Lebanon that was ugly as can be. But Muffti and I have known quite a few Lebanese in our time. We all got along really well – I mean really well. The Lebanon we saw yesterday simply did not correspond to the kindhearted, friendly Lebanese we have always known. It was thus with some relief and hope that I read Beirut Spring, a blog by a Lebanese guy called Mustapha who rounded up some responses by Lebanese bloggers to yesterday’s horror-fest in Beirut:

I cannot believe we are cheering for an animal that is being freed from Israeli prisons… I am perplexed by the festivities organized for the return of Mr. Qantar. The man is a child killer… here is no way that I can ever say that this man is a hero. Any man willing to smash in the head of a 4 year old child with a rock should remain in prison for the rest of his life… To receive Samir Kuntar with the red carpet is [or should be] a major embarrassment for Lebanon…

To be sure, we still have our differences, but it’s nice to see that there are some reasonable people out there still. I mean shoot… the biggest thing my friend Joseph from Beirut and I used to argue about was whether or not Cohibas were actually great cigars or overpriced and mediocre. Man… we smoked a lot of cigars…

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