Yesterday the world was treated to an image of Lebanon that was ugly as can be. But Muffti and I have known quite a few Lebanese in our time. We all got along really well – I mean really well. The Lebanon we saw yesterday simply did not correspond to the kindhearted, friendly Lebanese we have always known. It was thus with some relief and hope that I read Beirut Spring, a blog by a Lebanese guy called Mustapha who rounded up some responses by Lebanese bloggers to yesterday’s horror-fest in Beirut:

I cannot believe we are cheering for an animal that is being freed from Israeli prisons… I am perplexed by the festivities organized for the return of Mr. Qantar. The man is a child killer… here is no way that I can ever say that this man is a hero. Any man willing to smash in the head of a 4 year old child with a rock should remain in prison for the rest of his life… To receive Samir Kuntar with the red carpet is [or should be] a major embarrassment for Lebanon…

To be sure, we still have our differences, but it’s nice to see that there are some reasonable people out there still. I mean shoot… the biggest thing my friend Joseph from Beirut and I used to argue about was whether or not Cohibas were actually great cigars or overpriced and mediocre. Man… we smoked a lot of cigars…

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  • they look so bored. so out of place. maybe they’re just shell-shocked from being just out of prison?

    either way im disappointed at how quickly they’re moving back into their old jobs.

    ‘we left the RPG fully loaded! just as it was when you left for…why did you get arrested again? whatever. listen. me and habib are going to the al-aqsa mosque and throw some rocks at the worshippers. we’re not so great at it and thought you could give us a few tips. but first, your CNN appearance!’

  • Man that Hizbollah really know how to throw a party – you saw the bars the smashed entering the stage?

    And those crowds! They must have been handing out free food.

  • Watching the video, all I could think was “target-rich environment”.