NPR Doublespeak on Iran

As I Twittered (or it is twitted?) this AM:

NPR news just called Iran pres “critic of Israel.” That’s like calling a serial killer “a critic of people.”

NPR was discussing Bibi’s upcoming talk, and whether Bibi would discuss the situation with Iran. They actually referred to the Iranian Madman Ahmedstolehisjob, the man who wants to “wipe Israel off the map,” and is building the means to do so, as a “critic of Israel.” I nearly threw up.

NPR, CNN, they deal with the elections in Iran as if they are in some kind of legitimate democracy. Boker Tov Chevre – you are on some kind of permanent trip, you took too many shrooms at Wakarusa, you are living in a skunky haze at an LA Farmacy. You are totally out of touch with reality. Iran is an Islamic Totalitarian theocracy with a fascist hold on the media, and a misogynist, xenophobic, anti-Jewish agenda. They arrest and imprison political prisoners at will, funnel millions of dollars to terror groups like Hizbollah and Hamas, advocate the genocide of the Jewish people. Sheesh.

While we might not love Bibi, he is the least humble Israeli politician in history, he was elected in an uncontested contest. Bibi’s opponents were not arrested after his victory. His police did not shoot at and tear gas protesters in the streets. Bibi did not turn off access to mobile phone texting, twitter, BBC, and a host of other media to lock out his people. Why oh why do they equate the two?

Makes me start to appreciate FOX, oy vey. George Orwell? Where are you George?


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