As I Twittered (or it is twitted?) this AM:

NPR news just called Iran pres “critic of Israel.” That’s like calling a serial killer “a critic of people.”

NPR was discussing Bibi’s upcoming talk, and whether Bibi would discuss the situation with Iran. They actually referred to the Iranian Madman Ahmedstolehisjob, the man who wants to “wipe Israel off the map,” and is building the means to do so, as a “critic of Israel.” I nearly threw up.

NPR, CNN, they deal with the elections in Iran as if they are in some kind of legitimate democracy. Boker Tov Chevre – you are on some kind of permanent trip, you took too many shrooms at Wakarusa, you are living in a skunky haze at an LA Farmacy. You are totally out of touch with reality. Iran is an Islamic Totalitarian theocracy with a fascist hold on the media, and a misogynist, xenophobic, anti-Jewish agenda. They arrest and imprison political prisoners at will, funnel millions of dollars to terror groups like Hizbollah and Hamas, advocate the genocide of the Jewish people. Sheesh.

While we might not love Bibi, he is the least humble Israeli politician in history, he was elected in an uncontested contest. Bibi’s opponents were not arrested after his victory. His police did not shoot at and tear gas protesters in the streets. Bibi did not turn off access to mobile phone texting, twitter, BBC, and a host of other media to lock out his people. Why oh why do they equate the two?

Makes me start to appreciate FOX, oy vey. George Orwell? Where are you George?

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  • Sorry, but when has Ahamadinejad called for the genocide of the Jewish people? This kind of hyperbole does nothing but weaken an otherwise strong argument.

  • I think it’s tweeted. As for A-Jad. Well, as you said – in that case Benny Sela is a critic of women, and the shooter in DC last week was a critic of Jews…

  • Wow. Have the blinders finally come off Rabbi Yonah? Congratulations. Now you finally see whats been going on from left wing media for over 30 years.

  • Escape from the left while you still can, Rav Yonah. I did (for mostly the same reasons), and though I’m not entirely sure I landed anywhere, I’d rather have no political home at all than share one with those who naively embrace Jihadists whose first targets, if they came to power, would be those on the political left.

  • The Right are morons on social and economic issues, and the Left are morons on Israel. Where does that leave me?

  • ben – calling for Israel to be wiped off the map, destroyed, erased, that kind of thing in most circles would be described as genocidal.

    I have been furious at NPR, CNN ,and all the media for ages, eons.

    I am just sick today, usually, my gag reflexes are in check.

  • Equating Bibi with Ahmadinejad, Iran with Israel,(or the Holocaust with the Naqba)is moral equivalence, the darling concept of the left.

  • My guess is Obama is reacting to to the Iranian election by thinking, “What would JC do?” JC, of course, is Jimmy Carter.

    You’d think liberals could put at least half the anger they aim at Prop 8 supporters towards someone who has executed gay people.

  • It’s against their dogmatic worldview, Adam. They’re idealists, not realists. They see the world as how it should be, not how it is. They are naive at best, and intellectually dishonest at worst, but most importantly, they’re not right. Literally. 🙂

  • “moral equivalence, the darling concept of the left.”

    Muffti will remember that next time he thinks of Dr Tiller getting compared to Hitler (and abortion to murder), Obama to Trotsky (and sometimes Stalin), Universal Health Care to communism, torture to ‘enhanced’ interrogation, and in a nice display of non-self reflective irony on your behalf, the left to moral equivocation.

    Moral equivocation is indeed a terrible thing but it is a tool in the toolbox of all political sides. As is simplifying an ENTIRE political view like ‘the left’ into Jimmy Carter, idealism and moral equivocation. It must be nice to apply procrustean methods to ‘the other side’ so as to avoid much thinking.

  • Muffti: I actually wasn’t referring to Jimmy Carter. Further, while it may be a tool of both sides, it is a foundation of the left. I don’t say this to bash, by any means, however, one of the very notions of the Left is that of “We are no better than anyone else, and as such we have no right to judge them;” this breeds moral relativism. The Right tends to say “we are objectively better than the other” which breeds a whole host of other issues.

  • Muffti: also, i use the term “equivalence” and not “equivocation” as the latter’s definition includes an intent to mislead.

  • You don’t make sense on your own terms. Moral equivalence IS moral judgment by it’s very nature. It’s a way of claiming that two distinct events/people/nations etc. peg in at the same level of morality. If the amorphous left you are identifying were really as you say they wouldn’t go around making judgements at all. but CLEARLY they do – they claim that Israel is wrong to invade Gaza, they claim that China is wrong to suppress dissidents, that the US was wrong to invade Iraq…these are all judgements. People who don’t make moral judgments don’t have a political position.

    Please find muffti a ‘left’ site that actually does what you claim they self consciously take as a foundation and notion. Read DailyKos and tell muffti that they aren’t making moral judgments. Or try the Huffington post. Or ha’aretz columnists.