Frum Frillies: The State of Haredi Sex

Look, it’s only fair. We discussed the plight of Palestinian panties in both Gaza and Syria and so now that YNet has seen fit to talk about what Haredi women are wearing in the bedroom, well, we have to report that as well.

The ultra-Orthodox woman is renowned for her modesty. According to the Halacha, a woman is forbidden from exposing her body in public and wearing short or tight clothing… But what goes on at home, behind closed doors, at a place where they are seen only by their significant other? … The Israeli textile company EvaShow holds the answer… According to the women’s intimate apparel company, 20% of its customer base comes from ultra-orthodox women’s clothing shops… “In recent years an interesting change has occurred among ultra-orthodox women,” said company founder, Eva Ohana. “In the past they used to only buy long and modest sleeping gowns. Today some of them buy the kind of sexy and sensual lingerie secular women purchase, such as baby-dolls, shiny, sheer and colorful nighties decorated with lace, and thongs.”

I don’t think you can be lackadaisical about the bedroom when you’re averaging seven babies per household and Jews aren’t Catholics. Sex isn’t sinful and Jews are commanded to have sex so is this development really surprising? What the article doesn’t answer is why is this a new thing? Jewish rules of physical modesty do not apply in the privacy of one’s bedroom after all. I think I know why and the reason can be summed up in one word: Internet. Haredi husbands can’t help but be influenced by the pervasiveness of Internet porn and imagery. As such, frum women have new standards that they feel they have to live up to. This might also go a long way toward explaining the sudden pervasiveness of laser hair removal studios in and around Haredi neighborhoods in Jerusalem. No one knew from frilly baby dolls and Brazilians in the shtetl, but now, thanks to Al Gore, even the most shtark Hassid has desires his grandfather knew nothing about.

Is this a good thing? Frum women didn’t know from Anorexia and Bulimia till recently either, so who knows? I can only echo the question posed by Failed Messiah: “Can a new ban be far away?” The only thing I do know is that if it involves Jews and sex, I’ll keep you updated on it. Because I care, I really, really do. Think of the children…

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