Palestinian women are the most interesting. They want sexy stuff…

Palestinian Panty Pogrom

Palestinian Panty Pogrom

Today in Israel it’s Holocaust Memorial Day. This morning the sirens sounded and everyone stopped for a moment of contemplation. Cars halted on highways, everything was quiet save for the mournful shriek of the air raid sirens. Today is a day that commemorates the Holocaust that saw the annihilation of 6 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis and their enablers during WWII. The definitive phrase is “Never Again” and while we use that to imply that never again shall the Jews be victims of Genocide, we ought to also contemplate and consider other victims of Genocide.

Representatives of most of the world are united in Geneva today at The World Conference Against Racism. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reminded the world that we don’t have to look far to see victims of Genocide. Right in our own backyard, the brave people of Gaza are suffering untold oppression at the hands of brutal Zionist thugs. We were reminded that Gaza is nothing less than one giant concentration camp whose inmates are subject to random death, hunger and deprivation.

One story of such deprivation published recently by Spiegel Online was particularly touching. The subject was the sexy underwear market of Damascus:

“It all started about four or five years ago,” says Hayek. His grandfather was a merchant too, selling underwear — still chaste in those days — to women. But then Syria got wired. “Ever since people started going to Internet cafes, and seeing what the rest of the world is wearing, demand has completely changed,” says Hayek. Damascene women at first asked bashfully for “special designs.” Now the fruits of the Internet-fuelled imaginations of Syrian designers are displayed in the open… The customers tend to be mothers buying underwear for their soon-to-be-married daughters… “The mothers believe their son-in-law will be less interested in other women if his wife surprises him with more and more new gimmicks at home,” he says. In a culture where there is always the danger that the man may find a second or third wife for himself, wives want to make sure their husband stays loyal to them, Abu Adnan speculates… Abu Adnan also has leather outfits, sold complete with whip, and maid costumes featuring zippers at crucial points, which are in short supply. His best seller, however, is the “applause” design. Abu Adnan holds up a slip decorated with feathers. “Please clap your hands twice,” he says. After two sharp claps, the slip falls out of the shopkeeper’s hand. “A built-in mechanism releases magnets,” he says. “This way the man can undress the woman without touching her.”

The news of exotic Syrian underwear has spread across the Middle East. These skivvies now represent an important export item and sales are often seen as a barometer of regional tastes and politics.

After many years in the underwear business, Nasser says he’s an expert on what goes on in Arab bedrooms. “I tell you, Palestinian women are the most interesting. They want sexy stuff — the saucier the better.” … “As long as Israel is quiet, we do very good business with Gaza…”

Hence we see that one of the first victims of Israeli intransigence in Gaza is the Palestinian bedroom. With heightened tensions, along with basic food supplies, badly needed medicine and other humanitarian aid, imports of sexy Syrian undies are jeopardized as are countless Palestinian marriages and boudoirs. This undeniably has a detrimental effect on the birthrate and is in fact a manifestation of Genocide and a heinous war crime that ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As a nation that mourns the victims of the Nazi Holocaust, it is shameful beyond comprehension that we are perpetuating pogroms against Palestinian panties. Shameful.

Oh the humanity.

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