GA 2011 Photo Montage

Holy shnitzel, am I exhausted.  This schmoozing is grueling, especially when on little sleep and in the Rocky Mountain altitude.  Who has energy for a lengthy recap (I recommend the #JFNAGA Twitter feed), here’s a quick photo montage.


Welcome to the exhibit hall!  Won’t you stay awhile?

“Facebook?  We don’t need no stinkin’ Facebook!”

Denver is known as the mile-high city, which would explain why I’m drier than a Bedouin in August.  Lots of water everywhere.

Fortunately, there are plenty of health tips available (like “drink 45,000 gallons of water a day”.)

Jews love chocolates.

If it didn’t happen on Twitter, it didn’t happen.

The NU Campaign, doing great stuff with socially conscious t-shirts.

Aren’t they cute when they’re plotting global domination?

Diwon and Y-Love from Shemspeed in all their coolness.

The secret to maintaining some semblance of Rocky Mountain awakeness:  coffee.  (WordPress is telling me “awakeness” isn’t a word; I fully believe that because I currently have none of it.)

Middle East thinktank guru David Makovsky interviews Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat.  The live-Tweets are buried somewhere in the internet.

Ok, I’ve been on my computer for over an hour.  The GA police now have grounds to arrest me unless I go approach someone I knew in Hebrew school 20 years ago.  Till later….

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