Bobby Fischer, before he went totally nutsThere sure is a thin line between genius and madness. ABC news reports:

Former world chess champion Bobby Fischer, wanted since 1992 for playing a tournament in Yugoslavia despite U.N. sanctions, was detained in Japan for an apparent passport violation and will be deported to the United States, media reports said.

Fischer, who’s mother is Jewish, is a total nutter now. He has described Jews as a

“filthy, lying bastard people” bent on world domination through such insidious schemes as the Holocaust (“a money-making invention”), the mass murder of Christian children (“their blood is used for black-magic ceremonies”), and junk food (William Rosenberg, the founder of Dunkin’ Donuts, is singled out as a culprit).

Read the rest of the Atlantic article for a full description of his madness. Let’s hope he finally gets the help he so obviously needs.

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