They don't roll on ShabbosDue to their unprecedented growth and in an effort to gain more membership, the King David Bikers have announced that they are moving from their regular digs in Boca Raton to Hollywood. The 80 member Jewish motorcycle “gang” is making a strategic move from its Sunday morning meetings at the Rascal House in Boca Raton to Hollywood to make itself available to the densely populated Jewish communities to the South.

Mmmm. Pizza and bikes!KDB founder, Jeff Mustard, stated “I looked for a month and a half to find the right place before settling on JPs Bistro a/k/a Jerusalem Pizza, a Kosher restaurant just a little west of I-95 on Stirling Road” King David Bikers meet every Sunday morning between 9:30 and 11 am. They don’t deal in hookers or drugs or turf wars though. Mostly they just eat and support various Jewish causes. As mustard puts it “The difference between the KDB and other clubs is that membership will replicate the Jewish lifestyle, meaning mostly every ride will revolve around food, as opposed to alcohol, as is often the case with other club rides. “As Jews, we must be the hungriest people in the world, we barely finish a meal and we’re wondering what we’re gonna eat next; what better excuse than to ride somewhere on your bike and get something to eat.”

Visit their Web site for more info.

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  • King David Bikers posting failed to mention that KDB is a for profit business that is wholly owned and operated by Jeff Mustard. Consumer beware how you spend your money.

  • Our men’s club is having a barbecue at a park
    next Sunday afternoon if you would like to join.

    it is Kosher

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