Yum!I was reading this post and lively commentary on halachah and vegetarianism when it struck me just how many people around me do not consume flesh. Let’s see… I guess it started with Alisa, and then my sister Tiffany, sambelina at work, laya, bloggers belle de jew and her buddette who writes for heeb, and of course Alicia Silverstone, sexiest vegetarian of the year.

The whole vegetarian thing is particularly timely given that tonight is the fast of tisha b’av which is preceded by 9 days of enforced vegetarianism. I have of course read all the requisite books about how great a vegetarian diet is and the horrors of the meat processing industry. I keep my meat consumption to a bare minimum and I really do enjoy tofu and seitan and all that stuff. But I’m no vegetarian and neither is any guy I know, except for Wierd Al Yankovic (if I knew him). So what’s with all these women being vegetarians? Is vegetarianism the new Atkins for chicks? Maybe I’ll ask my little sister Tiffany. She knows everything.

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  • As someone who is frequently on a low carb diet, let me say this: Without meat I would starve. Mind you, if I starved, then I would be thinner and hence, no need for a low carb diet.

  • Food For Thought…

    all i know is my wife and met a female aerobics instructor who had the most incredible muscles i have ever seen. Not big and bulky but incredibly formed and cut (sort of like spider-man in the comics), and guess what, she never touches meat, only that dreaded, awful-textured tofu.

  • That tofu is all protein and no fat. Also there are these awesome veggie restaurants that can cook that stuff in such a way that you would swear it was meat.

    Tofu. It’s not just for hippies anymore.