Full Blooded Ass Clown BrigadeIn what is becoming a perplexing trend, I am citing Al Jazeera again as a reliable source. The Canadian Jewish Congress and the Canadian Arab Federation have both condemned recent anti-Muslim activity at Ryerson University in Toronto. Last June, the University’s multifaith prayer room was vandalized with anti-Muslim graffiti. Recently, fliers calling for violence against Muslims have been posted on campus bulletin boards. Finally, a letter was sent to Ahmed Arshi, President of the Ryerson Muslim Students’ Association threatening his safety. Bernie Farber, executive director of the Canadian Jewish Congress in Ontario called the threats “probably the most pernicious of any of the flyers that I’ve seen really at any time … It’s absolutely blood-chilling.”

Some of the letters mention an unknown group reportedly called the Full Blooded Israeli Brigades. Arshi says his not afraid for his safety, and Dave MacLean, president of Ryerson’s Students’ Administrative Council, said he thinks the flyers are the work of an outside individual or group. Some have suggested this is the work of individuals wishing to drive a wider wedge between Jews and Muslims.

I mean seriously though… the Full Blooded Israeli Brigades?? Not to make light of anyone’s concerns, whoever these guys are, they sound like ass clowns. I am going to go out on a limb here, ok? I hope whoever is behind these cowardly threats gets caught. And I predict that when they do get caught, it’ll turn out that they are neither Israeli, nor a Brigade. Just, you know, ass clowns.

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