nutbar in love
Does Love conquer all? Does it at least defeat an international warrant? Cold War Chess Champ, certifiable loon and rabid Jewish anti-semite Bobby Fischer is trying to get married. Marrying his bashert Miyoko Watai, head of the Japan Chess Association, will no doubt complete him and bring about much joy and naches. Oh yeah, it will also make it impossible for the United States to deport him from Japan to face charges related to a tournament he played in Yugoslavia in defiance of an embargo.

But there are some zany complications:

Fischer needs to bring a passport and sign required papers in front of a U.S. embassy official, which has not been possible because of his detention and the fact that he does not now have a passport…

Well, maybe love conquers all and the couple has not lost hope:

“I am a pawn, but in chess there is such a thing as pawn promotion, where a pawn can become a queen,” soft-spoken Watai told a news conference. “He is my king and I want to become his queen so we can join together and win.”

Stay tuned for further developments! And check out this kooky Canadian connection – some sketchy dude called Bosnitch, Fischer’s communications consultant. Man, is this what happens to Chess geeks when they grow up??

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  • There goes CK…stealing the girl of my dysfunctional relationship dreams…

  • “Dysfunctional?” Yes. In your “dreams?” Without a doubt. Stolen? Hardly.

  • So he was good at chess. Big deal, just a game. He was also insane, an enemy of my neighbour country, and promoted hate against good people. Rot in hell you bigot bastard. If you had died at birth, the world would not have missed you for a second.

  • Perhaps Fischer is persona non grata on Jewlicious at this point, for understandable reasons. But don’t miss Edward Rothstein’s assessment in the Arts section of today’s New York Times– an altogether brilliant piece from one of our best writers.