Sonic Youth, Montreal, August 4, 2004

Oy. What a day. First, it may or may not be Yasser Arafat’s 75th birthday. Yasser was born either in Gaza or Cairo. Apparently it’s some kind of secret… And then Mom got into a car accident – not her fault, she’s shaken but otherwise all right. She was driving sister Tanya’s car and felt bad about it getting wrecked but Tanya was all “Mom! Why do you think we pay for insurance?” Rough day. Wound down at night by seeing Sonic Youth perform. Got right to the front of the stage too and had a great time, what with all the moshing and crowd surfing and all. Yes. Apparently people still do that.

What’s the Sonic Youth / Jewlicious connection? Spike Jonez, who is kinda Jewish, did one of their videos. Thurston Moore, the band’s guitarist, was a big booster for Ben Lee‘s first band Noise Addict when Lee was 14 and still studying in Jewish day school in Australia. Sonic Youth played 2 shows in Israel in 1996: Aug. 21 in Haifa and the next day in Tel Aviv. Finally, you ought to know that for the nine days before Tisha B’Av you’re not, amongst other things, supposed to listen to live music. This was my live music break fast. Sort of.

I know that’s all very tenuous. But like… it’s been a rough day.

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