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The Eastern European land of Molvania has a new Web site and travel guide dedicated to it. The guide called “Molvania: A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry” is excerpted on the Web site. You can learn about Molvanian history:

The empire converted to Christianity with the arrival of the missionary St Parthag in AD863 but reverted to paganism as soon as he left the following year. During the Dark Ages Molvania enjoyed a short period as a Muslim country, but the Koran’s strict teachings against drinking, violence and extra-marital sex never caught on with the local population.

Molvanian culture:

Like so many Western European nations, Molvania is football mad. Sadly, their national team has had little in the way of international success, especially since the introduction of random drug-testing.

Not excerpted on the Web site is information about the little known Molvanian Jews:

…whereas most countries restricted Jews from entering professions or owning land, thus forcing them to engage in trade and commerce, King Ludvonyl II decreed that Molvanian Jews could only work as professional athletes. Consequently, Molvania remains to this day a poor country with a huge trade deficit and little or no domestic commerce. Furthermore, Molvania has never fielded any kind of Olympic team and has what are considered the very worst athletes in the world.

You should also check out this video by Zlad! the number one pop star of Molvania. His video for the song Elektronik Supersonik is reminscent of first generation Israeli rock videos!

(thanks for the heads up Phil)

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