laya being all sketchyLoyal Jewlilcious readers.
Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Laya referenced in an earlier posting. Back from my tiring adventures as a madricha (counselor) on Road Rules Israel I mean Birthright Israel (best quote: “dude, that’s not porn, that’s bus 11”) and happy to get blogging.
After an admittedly irrational leap of Zionistic faith I moved to Israel over two years ago at the height of the Intifada with no Hebrew, no friends here and a couple hundred dollars to my name, and have been living a comically unstable (but happier) life ever since.
Not long ago I met some crazy dude in a Chrst Killer T-Shirt on Har haBayit (and he thinks i’m the sketchy one) and somehow landed this gig. While contingent on my varying levels of internet accessibility, I’ll be around more in the future.

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