why not alIn a world where wrestlers and action stars become governors, where a comedy show is a trusted name in news, and where super stars are given UN credentials for having lots of money but still giving a damn, the lines between politics and entertainment become ever more blurred. Had Martin Sheen run in 2004, I have no doubt many Americans would have voted to continue the Bartlet administration off screen.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that another comedian is crossing over. Al Franken, who you might know as Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live, or from such books such as Why Not Me? about the rise and fall of the Al Franken presidency, is running for U.S. Senate. And he seems to be serious.

It probably goes without saying that the author of Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right and the Air America Radio host will not be running for the Republicans. We have to report this story because Franken is a Yid, but you know what? He’s good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like him! Good luck Al!

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Laya Millman


  • Why not, because he has no chance. He is not a good candidate. He may be a performer or whatever, but first of all, a Jew, is not getting elected President, in the current very anti-semitic climate of the USA.

    Maybe only Bloomberg could do it, but I wouldn’t bet on him either. But of the Jews, he would get the most votes.

    Secondly, the little I have read of him, one of his books, and I heard him a bit on air America, he is a bore, has no new exciting fresh ideas.

  • Steve, no one said he’s running for president/ Franken is running for Senate. vying for the nomination to run against Norm Coleman, the incumbent senator who is also a jew.

  • Oh, Steves, don’t be dissin’ on my homeboy and fellow homeboy of T. Friedman and bros. Coen amongst other fairly sharp and talented Jewish luminaries from our quiet little ‘burb. Dude even still bowls at the neighborhood alley.

    As far as his Jewishness getting in the way… let it be known if elected he will rekindle our fine tradition of electing solely Jewish Senators. A tradition just recently broken by a… woman.

    DK – he is as admittedly Wellstonian as anyone can be. Although Wellstone, at times, had a better sense of humor.

  • Steves – I’m sorry, I meant to say that particular seat has been held by a Jew for over four terms – and Franken will be running against one.

    The woman won the other seat, which, for some reason, Jews never seem to run for.

  • I met Al today out on the ‘campaign trail’, he was wooing elderly voters right by my bus stop. If the bus wasn’t just arriving i would have chatted it up with him. his posse seems to be a group of over 65 yr olds and one photographer.

    I like him, better than norm coleman anyways…. nothing beats minnesota politics, except maybe so dakota politics, but in SD there are no jews running(or living there for that matter)

  • American politics needs more uniters, not whiney, partisan entertainers, who insult the other side and divide people into 2 parties.

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