I found myself in the super market yesterday (I usually opt for the open air shuk, as i find the super markets too overwhelming. My Gemini nature often makes it so that I can literally spend 20 minutes deciding which yogurt to buy. It’s embarrassing.) So after at least half an hour, I had my 4 items in hand and proceeded to the shortest checkout line, which just happened to be behind a not so bad looking Israeli. He sees me, I see him; nice style, good hair, no kippah, but its just a minhag anyway maybe he’s got his reasons–but then i look on the conveyor belt at his purchases; white bread, RC Cola and chips. and mine–7 grain bread, goat’s milk yogurt, natural peanut butter and granola. Without a word exchanged, we both know, we live in different worlds. Nonetheless, as I get to the check out line, the cashier looks at me, makes a motion to him and says “Nu?”. Please refer to my previous blog entry. Sheesh.

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  • hey initresting site . great way to answer the ultemate question ,
    how are you?/whats up?
    thanks for the answer , dont know witch posts are yours leah , but all seem interesting