shandeNo. This is not about the Iranians. It’s about the Jews.

The Montreal Gazette reports the following: Ron Bensmihon of Montreal yesterday made it past $1.5 billion of state of the art security in Athens. Half-naked and wearing a tutu, he got up on a three metre diving board, danced around like a fool, and jumped into the pool, before being led off by Athens Olympic security staff. He was arrested and charged with “interrupting the Games.” Bensmihon also had the Web page address of online casino, Golden Palace, tattooed across his back. While admitting that Bensmihon had pulled these sorts of stunts on their behalf before, casino spokesman Drew Black (wisely) claimed that in this instance, Bensmihon did it on his own.

Bensmihon pulled a similar stunt in Dortmund, Germany during the world figure skating championships. He got on the ice wearing skates, a tutu, ski goggles and a top hat with the casino name tattooed on his body. The Golden Palace casino has been involved in many other such disturbances at international events around the world, employing people to streak at The US Open, the Royal Ascott, Wimbeldon, the British Open, the World Rugby championships etc.

The Montreal Gazette however missed out on a major part of the story.

The Gazette reported that: has Canadian ties in that it is one of many gambling ventures licensed by the Quebec-based Kahnawake Gaming Commission. It has an office on the First Nation community near Montreal, where Black is based, as well as in Antigua and England.

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  • What a wiener. I don’t mind disturbances. I’m happy to see people mixing things up. And I’m super happy to see someone break up the monotony of a sporting event of nearly any sort. But to advertise for a casino? Oy. It’s obvious that there is no ZOG take over or we would not be getting Jews to do this kind of stupid shit.

  • so Lets get this staright arabs put on jackets with bombs in them and blow them selfes up in public,killing themselves and inocent bystanders to express there point a view(and to go to heaven to have fun wit 73 virgins).
    Some gutzy sephardic moroccan jew puts on a tutu jumps in a pool with out disturbing the athletes ,in order to make a couple of bucks and make people laugh ,and he gets “crusified” in the jewish and non jewish media ……… sucks……We should ask him to teach more terrorists to act that way.

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