Oi!See the little Playalicious button on the leftt? Ever wonder what it is? Well … every once in a while, we’ll have a story that might merit some musical accompaniment. Playalicious is where said musical accompaniment would be found. It’s like your own iPod, except that it’s Jewish. And nothing like an iPod at all. Bandwidth and legal considerations will mean that the songs presented won’t be available long, but there should always be something there. What’s on Playalicious now?

Lets see, there’s Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboy’s 1974 hit They Aint Makin Jews Like Jesus Anymore. You may recall we covered Kinky Friedman’s announcement that he’ll be running for Governor of Texas. That’s whacky! And so is the song!

There’s also The Scissor Sister’s song Take Your Mamma Out – first heard that song by the New York band in Israel this summer. Two months after my return they started playing it here. How nutty is that? If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it.

Then there’s a song by Israeli rapper Subliminal called Prachim Ba Kaneh (????? ????) – Flowers in the gun barrel. It’s a song that reflects Israeli frustration with continued terrorism and failed Peace efforts. I can write a whole post just on this guy. Maybe I will later. Here’s part of the lyrics

We stayed here, we built ourselves a home, we believed in the dove, in peace in olive branches … we served in the army, we buried soldiers, and we cried at the funerals, we fell to our knees, then back on our feet, we ran out of bullets so we fought with our hands, we broke our balls waiting for peace, I am going to stop dreaming so that my heart won’t break.

Next, allow me to introduce you to this idiot, quasi-illiterate Egyptian called Sha’ban Abdel Reheem. He also merits his own post. I chose his big hit Bakrah Israel – I hate Israel. It’s a stupid and offensive song, but it has a great beat, dontcha think?

Finally, we bring you Israeli Band Polianna Frank and their song Gibor Shel Tzvah Ha Hagannah – IDF Hero – It’s a really funny song making fun of those overly macho Israeli army posers. It came out in 1989 and was quite ahead of its time. And funny.

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