Waffle much?Forward reports that David Saperstein, Washington representative of the US Reform movement, in a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell, urged the White House to step up its peace efforts in the Middle East and criticized Congress for “passing one-sided pro-Israel resolutions.” The letter expressed concern that resolutions passed by Congress failed “to address the troubling humanitarian conditions of the Palestinians.”

In the interest of balance I guess, the letter voiced strong criticism of the Palestinians. Furthermore, the “one-sided pro-Israel resolutions” in question were supported by the Reform movement. The gist of the letter seems to be oriented towards the encouragement of Israel to forgo unilateral moves and get back to the bargaining table with the Palestinians.

“Any time you’re sitting at the table, it’s an opportunity” that could eventually lead to peace between Israelis and Palestinians. “We want to encourage that,” Saperstein said. He insisted that Palestinian interlocutors could be found, even now.

Saperstein however failed to mention where such reliable interlocutors, untainted by corruption, links to terrorism, without a history of acting deceitfully, and who nonetheless have some measure of broad-based authority, could be found. Do let us know when you find them, Dave.

I would think that if the largest group of affiliated Jews in America decided to issue a policy statement that broke away from the “traditionally almost unanimous Jewish community support for the alliance between Sharon and President Bush,” they would do so with a statement that was a bit more coherent and substantial. Feh!

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  • If reform Judaism considers that the USA is too Pro-Israel, then I am ashamed of belonging. The American government is the only and the most powerful country to back the best and only democracy in the Middle East. If this is the official stand regarding Israel, then I must and will become a member of the conservative branch of Judaism.

  • While I am not the biggest fan of reform Judaism, I think what Saperstein was saying was that a more balanced approach that took into account Palestinian suffering, would be more productive. The Reform movement believes that a negotiated settlement is better than unilateral action. I don’t think I disagree at all, however, like I said, negotiation requires at least 2 parties. Who do we negotiate with? Who?