Art Spiegelman, Pullitzer prize winning author of “Maus I” and “Maus II” is set to release a new, what do you call it? Graphic Novel? Comic Book? Anyhow, it’s called “In the Shadow of No Towers,” and is his “artistic response to the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, as well as an expression of his deep opposition to the war in Iraq.” He talks about it in this New York Times interview (requires free registration).

Everybody loves Art Spiegelman. Whenever he does a public lecture, it’s wall to wall yiddles, they can’t get enough of him. This despite the fact that the portrayal of his holocaust survivor father in the Maus books, was less than flattering and also despite the fact that he has publicly taken positions on Israel that did not exactly toe the Jewish establishment line.

Salon magazine posits an explanation:

Perhaps because Spiegelman works in a form that isn’t thought of as serious, he was embraced by the Jewish establishment, whereas any novelist who attempted the same would be burned at the stake.

Hey, does that apply to blogs? Does that mean I can say whatever the hell I want to and still be invited to one of those Bronfman and Spielberg funded swank weekends in Utah?

Anyhow, look for Spiegelman to appear shortly at your local Synagogue, Hillel or JCC. Go, hear him speak (he’s actually a very good speaker), get your book signed and have a good time!

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